EarthJustice Claims: War on Wolves Act Threatens More Than Wolves

Wolf Education International (WEI) statement about information and the context of this article: Wolves (like gun control; federal jurisdiction expansion into Constitutional State authorities; property rights; federal preferences based on conceptually repugnant criteria such as government designations of certain racial features or sexual manifestation; etc.) are the fulcrum of endless political and cultural disputes that […]

Wolves, Resurgent and Protected, Vex Swedish Farmers

With a wolf population that is resurgent and now protected, Sweden has a conflict that pits farmers and hunters against environmentalists and European officials, who object to culling the animals. Source: Wolves, Resurgent and Protected, Vex Swedish Farmers

Guest Column: Wolf expansion has ranchers worried about their livelihoods

Recent decisions by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, to expand the number of Mexican wolves and the area the wolves are allowed to roam, has Greenlee County ranchers extremely worried. Wolves will now be allowed to roam freely across all of Greenlee County and about two-thirds of both Arizona and New Mexico. Source: Guest […]

Loups: plaidoyer pour des écosystèmes non désertés par les bergers/A Plea for Ecosystems not to be abandoned by Herders

TRIBUNE – Nos paysages emblématiques de montagnes, collines, bocages et marais sont constitués d’une mosaïque de milieux façonnés au fil des siècles par les pratiques paysannes. La vitalité de ces espaces, de plus en plus appréciés par nos sociétés urbanisées, se dégrade rapidement quand ils ne sont plus entretenus par le pâturage des troupeaux notamment. […]

The Challenge: How Can Wolves be Puzzling?

*Editor’s Note:* This article was republished on the website of Wolf Education International with permission from the author. This article first appeared in Fall 2014 issue of Range Magazine, pg. 21. By Dr. Earl Stahl Conundrum (noun): Any puzzling question or problem (Webster’s New World Dictionary). But how can there be anything puzzling about wolves? […]