Lapland reindeer go high-tech with tracking sensors to protect them from wolves

*Note From Staff* – The following is a comment made by a member of Wolf Education International who lives in Finland. “The main issue is about how to find reindeer killed by predators. Today some 5000 are found but the annual loss is more than 30,000 reindeer. The reindeer herders get compensation only for found […]

Wolf Plague of Siberia That Threatens Reindeer Herd

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Reindeer herders live in fear of the growing number of dangerous beasts Children cannot venture away from villages or travel alone for fear of attack The government is offering hunters a £360 bounty for each wolf killed Russia is poised for a new cull of wolves amid threats to herds of reindeer […]

Russian Region to Reduce Wolves From 3,500 to 500

MOSCOW, Jan 15 (Reuters) – It’s open season on wolves across a wide swathe of Siberia. Worried about attacks by wolves that are devouring reindeer in increasing numbers, the leader of Russia’s vast Sakha Republic issued a decree on Tuesday initiating a three-month hunt targeting the predators. The goal is to bring the wolf population […]