Oregon To Kill Wolves That Preyed On Livestock

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has decided to kill members of the Harl Butte wolf pack in Eastern Oregon in an attempt to disrupt the pack’s behavior and prevent future livestock losses. The decision comes after Wallowa County ranchers requested lethal control because the pack has attacked cattle seven times in the past […]

State wolf management plan moves closer to completion

ODFW commissioners discuss attacks on public land and more The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has moved a step closer to finalizing the first new management plan for gray wolves in Oregon in seven years. On Thursday, the seven ODFW commissioners met in Salem to discuss details of a draft of the department’s gray […]

Wolf attacks give cows ‘PTSD-like’ symptoms, study finds

Cows whose herd comes under attack by wolves remember the experience and show symptoms similar to post-traumatic stress disorder, Oregon researchers say. That’s according to a study from Oregon State University and publicized Thursday. Reinaldo Cooke, an associate professor and animal scientist based in Burns, conducted the research, which appeared in the Journal of Animal Science […]

USDA’s agreement to kill Oregon wolves ruled lawful

The USDA’s agreement to kill wolves on behalf of Oregon wildlife regulators isn’t a “major federal action” warranting environmental review, according to a federal judge. Even if USDA’s Wildlife Services was required to study the impact of killing wolves in Oregon, the agency properly concluded it would have no significant environmental impact, U.S. District Judge […]

19 Oregon lawmakers denounce proposal for public wolf hunting

Nineteen Oregon lawmakers have requested that wolf hunting remain off the table to members of the public. In a March 27 letter, the lawmakers — all Democrats — request that Oregon’s fish and wildlife commission avoid opening the door to something they said would “greatly increase polarization and controversy over wolf management.”<<<Read More>>>

Oregon wolves reach milestone: 8 breeding pairs

Wolf Education International (WEI) statement about the controversies of the existence of wolves: Wolves are the fulcrum of endless political and cultural disputes that are especially present in 21st century globalization, pitting large groups against each other. Wolf advocates accuse wolf protesters of wanting to kill every wolf. Conversely, wolf protesters accuse wolf advocates of […]

Oregon Biologists Begin Wolf Count

ENTERPRISE — As the end of the year approaches, wildlife biologists are gathering data on Oregon’s wolf population even as increased numbers complicate long-term management of the animals. In Flora, Shamrock Pack sightings have become a regular occurrence. Mike Hansen, assistant wildlife biologist at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Enterprise office, said this […]

Wolf Population Booming In Oregon

Five years ago this week, a wolf known as OR-7 began a long journey across Oregon. He traveled some 1,200 miles, including a stint in northern California, before settling in southern Oregon. Some biologists thought OR-7 would forever remain a wandering bachelor and never pair up. But he found a mate in 2014, and the […]

Govt to Slaughter Entire Area’s Wolf Population to Protect Beef Industry

*Staff Note* – Members at WEI take issue with serious misleading headlines, such as the one above and was found to the article linked to below. The headline leads all readers to think that authorities are going to “slaughter” an “entire wolf population” to “protect the beef industry.” The reality is that one pack of […]

Wolf delisting plan clears House

PORTLAND (AP) — As the battle over Oregon’s recent delisting of the gray wolf as endangered is waged in a courtroom, the state’s lone Republican congressman helped convince the House to approve a plan to remove all protections for the species at the federal level. The proposal cleared the chamber Wednesday with a 223-201 vote […]