Northeastern Wolves: Then and Now

Wolves were common in the Northeast and most of the U.S. when European settlers arrived. And it didn’t take long for the settlers, who were steeped in folklore that portrayed wolves as evil, to wage war. Towns enacted bounties, to which livestock owners were legally bound to contribute, for every dead wolf brought in. In […]

Coywolf — Coyote-Wolf Hybrid — Spotted Roaming In Rockland County

CONGERS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — There was a warning Monday night about an unusually large animal roaming through Rockland County. As CBS2’s Brian Conybeare reported, it is a hybrid of two dangerous creatures – and it’s called a coywolf. The animal is an eerie sight through the fog at the Georgetown Manor condos on Route 303 in […]

Lisenbee: Bringing wolves back to ADK is a bad idea

The obvious question is why? Why would N.Y. even consider such an effort? The expense for both the research and reintroduction efforts would be huge. Who will pay for it? And what would the benefits be? More on that thought shortly. Source: Lisenbee: Bringing wolves back to ADK is a bad idea