Michigan DNR Upper Peninsula wolf survey shows healthy wolf population

Michigan Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division officials said Thursday the state’s wolf population has remained relatively stable over the past four wolf surveys, the most recent of which occurred this past winter. DNR wildlife biologists estimate there was a minimum of 662 wolves found among 139 packs across the Upper Peninsula this past winter. The 2016 […]

Dead Cows Are Changing The Way Wolves Eat

A study led by Tyler Petroelje, a wildlife researcher and doctoral candidate at Mississippi State University, tracked the feeding behaviors of eight wolves from two packs in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. This research was part of a broader predator-prey study that investigated a variety of factors that affect deer populations in the region. As reported by Great Lakes Echo, the […]

Minnesota congressman’s effort de-list wolves stuck in Congress

U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson says he has the votes on the House floor to pass a bill removing federal protection for gray wolves across the Great Lakes region. He just can’t get the bill to the floor. His bill — with co-sponsors from both parties across the wolf range in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan — […]

Possible white wolf sighting sparks DNR investigation

MANISTEE COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) — An investigation by the Department of Natural Resources is underway after residents in Manistee County claim to have seen a large white wolf on their properties. Di Rau says her son was the first to spot the rare, white wolf in on their property. She says several other neighbors have […]

Wolves targeted as Congress moves to de-fang Endangered Species Act

WASHINGTON, DC — House Republicans in Congress are pursuing bipartisan legislation that would drop federal protections for gray wolves in the Great Lakes region and give population management control back to hunting-friendly states amid broader plans to overhaul the federal Endangered Species Act. The bill to remove the gray wolf from the endangered list in […]

Wolf Hunting Bill Makes It’s Way Through Michigan Legislature

Wolf hunting is back on the agenda for Michigan’s legislature. The state Senate passed a bill Thursday that would legalize wolf hunting in Michigan, if the animal is taken off the federal endangered species list. Similar legislation was struck down by voters in the past. But state Sen. Tom Casperson (R-Escanaba) said those statewide votes don’t really […]

Michigan Senator Pushes for Wolf Bill

Sen. Tom Casperson has been trying for more than five years to legalize a hunt for gray wolves in a portion of the Upper Peninsula. With the exception of one season of hunting the wolves, the Escanaba Republican has been thwarted by the voters and the courts. But he’s trying, once again, to get the hunt […]

2 GOP northern Wisconsin legislators plan summit on wolves

Two Republican lawmakers from northern Wisconsin said Monday they would convene a Great Lakes wolf summit this fall involving public officials, scientists and citizens from Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan to push for state management of wolves. Source: 2 GOP northern Wisconsin legislators plan summit on wolves

Wolf delisting passes U.S. House

Wyoming’s governor supports an amendment that passed the U.S. House on Friday to restore wolf management duties in Wyoming and three other states. Wyoming wildlife regulators say they’re ready should the bill survive the U.S. Senate and get signed into law. The amendment would also halt future judicial review of federal wolf protections in the […]

$200,000 and counting: See what it cost to protect one Michigan farm from wolves

Much of the estimated $200,000-plus is in soft money – administrative time and field work – in addition to about 38,000 in direct cash for cattle-loss claims and other assistance.“The amount of effort (US. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services) has provided … is significant,” wrote Brian Roell, wildlife biologist for the Michigan Department of Natural […]