Wolves shot and mutilated as Italy considers bringing back a cull after more than 40 years of protecting the predator

Wolves are being illegally shot dead, mutilated and displayed outside towns and villages in Italy in a sign of growing resistance to the species’ remarkable comeback. In the latest case of persecution, a decapitated wolf was dumped outside the medieval ridge-top village of Pitigliano in Tuscany. It was the tenth wolf in three years to […]

Wolf Packs in Romania Have Specialized in Killing

*Scroll for Update* The following came from a dissertation from the University of Munich in Germany. I have quoted the German and translated it [emboldened below]. Hope you will enjoy it. Note the order of victims! Sincerely, [Dr.]Val Geist from: Mertens, A. in prep. Socio-economics of large carnivore-livestock conflicts in Romania. PhD Thesis, University of […]