Wolf Reintroduction: The Big Lie that is Crushing the Western Way of Life

Fifteen years ago, a huge conglomerate of governmental power-brokers, radical environmentalists, and media manipulators forced the reintroduction of Wolves back into Yellowstone National Park. They did this against the wishes of the generations of families living in the immediate area and simply trying to earn a fair living, along with the folks in the bordering […]

Wolves: A Plain and Simple Predator

Since wolves were introduced in the mid ’90s by Slick Willie, the current Democratic presidential frontrunner’s husband, wolf numbers have expanded unchecked. Just as a reminder, wolves were to be limited to a three-digit number and then removed from the endangered species list once that goal was attained. Today we’re staring at numbers that far […]

It Appears Government Rules For Red Wolf Introduction and Management Aren’t Being Adhered To

Note: This page may get updated as more information becomes available. Editor’s Note: All of this information was contained in an email sent to me from a concerned resident of North Carolina. I have taken the liberty to attempt to place this information in a chronological order. I hope I have done it justice. Officer […]