Anderson: Wolves known to stalk hunter’s kill scene for an easy meal

Wolves likely can readily associate the sound of gunfire with an easy meal in the form of the gut pile that remains after hunters field-dress their quarry, says a wolf expert.<<<Read More>>>

Wolf Population Soars on Alaska Island, Kill Quota Increased

KETCHIKAN, Alaska (AP) — The wolf population on Alaska‘s Prince of Wales Island has soared, prompting federal and state officials to decide that hunters will be allowed to kill 20 percent of them. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the U.S. Forest Service said in a statement that hunters will be permitted to kill […]

19 Oregon lawmakers denounce proposal for public wolf hunting

Nineteen Oregon lawmakers have requested that wolf hunting remain off the table to members of the public. In a March 27 letter, the lawmakers — all Democrats — request that Oregon’s fish and wildlife commission avoid opening the door to something they said would “greatly increase polarization and controversy over wolf management.”<<<Read More>>>

House Overturns Obama-Era Law to Protect Alaskan Bears and Wolves

Hunters could once again go after bears, wolves and other predators in national wildlife refuges across Alaska if an Obama-era federal law is overturned by Congress and gets the president’s approval. Supporters of repealing the rule, which was issued by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in August, got a boost Thursday when the House […]

Sweden allows wolf hunt despite outcry

A top Swedish court has allowed the hunting of 24 wolves early in 2017 in a decision slammed by environmental campaigners who fear a shooting spree could put the species at risk.<<<Read More>>>

Wolf hunting starts in parts of central Sweden

Under a temporary ruling, 14 animals can be killed until the hunting season ends on February 15 unless the Supreme Administrative Court issues a final decision ahead of that date. Sweden’s Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the wolf population stands at just over 400 and recommends it be kept at that level through regulated hunting. […]

Price of Wolves Reflect Change in Spain

“Madrid – Antonio Navarro remembers when hunters paid 14,900 euros ($16,020) for rights to kill wolves nine years ago in Villardeciervos, a village near Spain’s border with Portugal. Now, they can go for about a quarter of that. The drop shows how hard the Spanish countryside was hit by the five-year-long economic slump from which […]

Sweden Wolf Hunt Suit Dismissed, Will Appeal to European Court of Justice

On the 28th of January, 2015, the pro-wolf lawsuit against the wolf hunt was dismissed in Sweden, once again, on the grounds that they cannot attack hunting regulations. However, the Supreme Court in Sweden is taking the matter to the European Court of Justice. The “environmental protection agency” claims that the refusal to attack hunting […]