Should Finland’s Wolves Be Hunted or Protected?

Finland has a wolf problem. Five and a half million humans share the country with an estimated 235 wolves, and that’s too many, say rural Finns, whose livestock and hunting dogs are being killed. Some parents are scared that wolves will attack their children. “Before, wolves were afraid of people,” Kettunen tells me. “Now people […]

Norway’s Proposed Wolf Hunt

Norway’s environmental minister Vidar Helgesen has just approved the biggest wolf hunt in Norway for a hundred years. Only 52-56 wolves live in Norway, but the minister wants 42 of them to be shot this winter, among them two important family packs in Osdalen and Julussa, near the border to Sweden. This is the second […]

Wolf hunt launched in forest north of Oslo

Hunters have been sent out to track down and kill one or more wolves which have over the last few weeks killed at least five lambs in Nordmarka, the forest area north of Oslo.The Norwegian Nature Inspectorate (SNO) confirmed the presence of wolves in the area after examining the carcasses of three of the dead […]