Village advises drastic measures against wolves

“A village in Aveyron is advising people not to take country walks in the commune and to take special care of children, “because you never know” if wolves might attack. The advice came in a decree from the mayor of Cornus, Christophe Laborie, after a year in which there have been some 26 attacks on […]

Number of wolves in France rising

France’s wolf population has increased, official statistics show.  There are now a recorded 360 wolves in France, up from 292 in 2016, showing an increase of 23%. There are also now 42 wolf packs, up from 35, according to data by the ONCFS, a national agency which monitors the animals. The number of areas where […]

Wolves Invade Paris

“The howling of wolves could soon become a common sound in the countryside around Paris if the animals continue their relentless spread across France, according to wildlife groups who say at least three wolves have set up home near the capital. The discovery last month of two deer carcasses in the sprawling Rambouillet forest, whose […]

Wolves and Sheep Don’t Mix

In France, the country’s sheep farmers and shepherds are dealing with mounting losses from wolves – and unlike an Australian farmer, they can’t protect themselves with a gun or poison. To kill a wolf in France, even one in the middle of mauling sheep, is to earn a jail sentence. Read More:

Should wolves be introduced in Scotland? 

Wolves have been hunted to extinction across much of Europe but it seems where they have been thriving, their growing numbers may be causing problems.In France, the government has defied an EU law by licensing hunters to kill them to protect farmers’ livestock. Source: Should wolves be introduced in Scotland? – BBC News

France Wolf Hunt Update

This report comes to WEI from a resident in France, close to the action: “Very well informed “Pro-wolves” are organizing raids to disturb the hunts in France. “This very morning they have turned up around a friend’s farm. Things are going to turn nasty in France. The farmers are armed … “We have informed the police […]

Wolf hunters deployed to French Alps

A team of wolf hunters is operating in a region of the French Alps to kill wolves that are seen as a threat to livestock.The teams were supplied by the state after pressure from shepherds and farmers.In defiance of EU law, the French government has also relaxed the hunting rules to help farmers defend stocks. […]

Urgent/Hautes-Alpes: les éleveurs remportent leur bras de fer et annulent le blocage de Gap

Les agriculteurs semblent avoir remportés leur bras de fer. A l’issue de la réunion extraordinaire organisée en Préfecture, les « avancées sont importantes » se félicite René Laurans. Les Préfets de la Région PACA et de la Région Rhône-Alpes étaient présents, tout comme la Ministre de l’Écologie, Ségolène Royal, par voie de visio-conférence. Ainsi, 95% du département […]

Préfecture démolit le mur – Breeders Reconstruire

The special police force used tear gas and truncheons and, after a fight, broke the wall down. The breeders remain on site with their “farm of despair”. They have rebuilt the wall During the night, the breeders built the wall again. … This time, the Prefect says,  the special police […]

Hautes-Alpes : Désespérés, les éleveurs ont emmuré les portes de la préfecture.

Hautes-Alpes : Les agriculteurs des Hautes-Alpes sont sur le pont. Ils viennent de débuter, ce matin, la construction de leur “ferme du désespoir” devant la préfecture à Gap. Ils ont prévu de manifester, au moins, jusqu’à jeudi. Des cochons ont été installés également dans un parc entouré de bottes de paille. Les agriculteurs attendent de rencontrer […]