Maps: Wolves in France 2008 vs. 2016

France to let wolf population grow by 40% despite anger from farmers

The French government has announced it will allow the wolf population to grow 40% despite pressure from farmers in mountain regions who are worried about their sheep flocks. A new strategy unveiled by the centrist government of President Emmanuel Macron will enable the number of wolves to increase from an estimated 360 now to 500 […]

French farms don’t like wolves crammed down their throats either

The French government announced February 19 that it will allow the wolf population to grow 40% over the next five years, resisting pressure from farmers concerned about their flocks. A new strategy unveiled by the centrist government of President Emmanuel Macron will enable the number of wolves to grow to 500 by 2023 compared with an […]

Is France Going to the Dogs?

If you don’t think the animal rights extremist movement spans across the globe, consider this: Around 1930 when the last wolves were taken out of Yellowstone National Park (YNP), farmers and hunters took out the last wolves in France. Ironically, under pressure from extremist groups, both countries reintroduced wolves in the 1990s, which were protected by both […]

France could soon be home to 500 wolves as part of species conservation plan

“A plan to protect wolves in France could see their population swell to 500 in the next five years. The proposal – which would increase the number of wolves by around 40 per cent – is designed to ensure the survival of the species in France. The country’s farmers are likely to oppose the plans, having already complained about the financial losses […]

France approves cull to save sheep

“Over 8,000 farm animals, mostly sheep, were killed in attacks blamed on wolves in the past year—mainly in the south-east of the country. Farmers say that electric fences and fearsome dogs are powerless in the face of the predators and are demanding greater culls.”<<<Read More>>>  

French sheep farmers protest against protection of wolves

LYON, France (Reuters) – Farmers trucked hundreds of sheep into a central square in the French city of Lyon on Monday in protest against the government’s protection of wolves, which they blame for livestock deaths and heavy financial losses.<<<Read More>>>

Wolves and sheep don’t mix

In France, the country’s sheep farmers and shepherds are dealing with mounting losses from wolves – and unlike an Australian farmer, they can’t protect themselves with a gun or poison. To kill a wolf in France, even one in the middle of mauling sheep, is to earn a jail sentence. Last year, France’s 300-odd wolves […]

French farmers demand action against wolves killing livestock

Hundreds of farmers, shepherds and politicians rallied in Aveyron, southern France, on Saturday calling for action to halt the slaughter of livestock by packs of wolves. The demonstrators gathered more than 3,000 sheep, about a hundred cattle and a few horses in a field to represent the number of animals killed by wolves in France in […]

Wolves may be partly to blame for wildfires raging across southern France – here’s why

Wolves are partly to blame for the wildfires that have raged across the south of France this month, according to the mayor of Artigues, one of the worst hit rural areas. Gabriel Magne said increasing attacks on livestock by wolves had forced farmers to abandon pastures, which quickly turned into bone-dry shrubland, prone to catch fire during […]