Wolves at Your Door: the impact that wolves have on people and animals

This book provides factual information regarding the damage that wolves cause in the Midwest and Western states.  The myth that wolves do not attack and kill people is disproved by documented wolf attacks in North America.  The depredation of livestock, big game, hounds, and dogs is also documented along with the spread of diseases carried […]

Wolves At Your Door

by Earl Stahl – Editors – Nancy Morrison, Linda Grosskopf Wolves at Your Door is a factual account of the impact of wolves on big game, livestock, and people. The introduction of wolves in western states and the protection of wolves throughout the U.S., including the Midwest, has allowed the wolf populations to far exceed […]

Wolves in Wisconsin

In response to Wisconsin Wolf Population Still Well Over Goal: Wolves in Wisconsin Earl Stahl, Ph.D. When wolves were placed under federal protection in 1978, the population goal for Wisconsin was set at 100. That maximum was later raised to 350 at the insistence of the pro-wolf community. In a news release on April 29, […]