Scientists say wolves have returned to Denmark after 200 years

For the past 200 years outside the sighting of a male five years ago, Denmark’s wolf population has been missing. Now scientists say the species have returned to the country after a wolf pack was sighted in Jutland, which is the country’s peninsula bordering Germany. This was the same location where a male wolf was […]

Wolves ravaging farm animals near Danish border

It’s been well documented that wolves have arrived in Denmark in recent years, with sightings and evidence becoming more common. But just south of the Danish border in Slesvig-Holsten, wolves are really making their presence felt, particularly to the farming communities. In 2016 there was registered 56 instances of wolf attacks on farm animals in […]

Danish mayor wants wolves shot

The recent return of wolves to Denmark’s countryside has been celebrated by Danish nature enthusiasts, but for others, including Torsten Nielsen, the mayor of Viborg, it’s been a point of concern. The wolf has been protected in the EU since 1992, but Nielsen wants to apply for permission from the EU to shoot them in […]

First Proof That Female Wolves are in Denmark

For the first time since a wolf was spotted in Denmark in the autumn of 2012, researchers have confirmed that at least one female has made the journey from Germany to Denmark. Source: First proof that female wolves are in Denmark – The Local

Wolf Seen 75 Metres from Where Children were Playing

“A wolf came quite close to a children’s club on the outskirts of Randers last October. A member of the staff at Fritidshjemmet Solgården – a former farm where up to 50 children aged 6-18 attend every day – first observed the animal, and DNA analysis has since shown that it was actually a wolf.”

Wolves Roaming Wild in Denmark for First Time in 200 Years

“Wolves have returned to Denmark for the first time in 200 years, according to researchers. When wolves last roamed wild in Denmark, Napoleon was still terrorising Europe and the Battle of Waterloo had yet to be fought. But now a team of researchers say they have conclusive evidence that wolves have re-established themselves in much […]

First wolf family heard in Denmark for 200 years

April 2014: It is suspected by a group of wolf enthusiasts in Denmark that the country probably has its first resident wolf family for over 200 years, reports Rewilding Europe. Ulvetracking Danmark has gone to great lengths to register the sounds of the Danish wolves, recorded in Jutland in January. Holly Root-Gutteridge, an English wolf […]