Colorado Stop the Wolf Campaign

George Orwell, call your office re: Wolves

The attached news report of a presentation touting the re-introduction of wolves in Colorado is so egregious, we debated even placing it on the Wolf Education International website.  Upon further examination, it was thought to be so misleading and so full of disinformation that it might serve as a useful example of how the public […]

Commissioners right to be wary of wolves

But Colorado isn’t Wyoming. It’s a far more populous state and even in the wide-open spaces of western Colorado, there would be more potential for runs-in between man and beast. Wolves would probably do here what they’ve done in Yellowstone — that is, help balance the natural ecology — but at a significant cost to […]

Commission: Don’t bring wolves back to Colorado

Allowing gray wolves to prowl Colorado’s high country would imperil the small moose population atop Grand Mesa and threaten other game species, the Mesa County Commission said. The commission urged the federal government in a resolution to follow the recommendations of the Colorado Wildlife Commission, which opposed reintroduction of the gray wolf to Colorado. “These […]

Wolves knocking on Colorado boundaries

Colorado producers and sportsman may be stomping on the brake pedal on wolf reintroduction, but state officials say the reality is, Colorado already has wolves. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has restored gray wolves into Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico and Arizona, and it is believed wolves have begun to migrate into Colorado from […]

Colorado wolf advocates, wildlife managers again feud over reintroduction

“A week ago, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) — the agency tasked with managing the state’s fishing, hunting, camping and boating and operating 42 state parks and more than 900,000 acres of wildlands — released a statement that climbing sightings of gray wolves over the last several years will lead to a “likely eventual establishment […]

Wolves Taking Over Colorado Landscape

Information reported in this news release substantiates the fact that the government has a higher interest in the welfare of a nasty, diseased wolf than a human being. “Killing a wolf or any endangered species can result in serious penalties, including criminal charges, a year in prison and a fine of up to $100,000, officials […]

Colorado turns cold shoulder to endangered wolves

Colorado wildlife commissioners took a stand Wednesday night opposing the release of wolves in the state, overriding a blitz by pro-wolf groups pressing for ecological benefits of predators. Colorado’s new posture represents a pre-emptory challenge to court-ordered U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service efforts to save wolves, an endangered species. Cattle and sheep industry leaders backed […]

Colorado: Huffing and puffing over wolves

Advocates for bringing wolves back to Colorado can expect to face major opposition from ranchers, if the audience’s mood during a presentation on the topic in Carbondale this week is any indication. Source: Huffing and puffing over wolves |