Wolf stalks woman walking dog

A series of unusual animal sightings near downtown Prince Rupert is prompting some locals to cry wolf. Wolves are common on the wilder fringes of the northern port city, including the golf course and a hiking trail. But now there are several reports of a wolf prowling city streets close to the waterfront and stalking and chasing a woman walking […]

Prince Rupert residents worry aggressive wolves threaten pedestrians, pets

PRINCE RUPERT – Some residents of Prince Rupert say they are nervous about increasing wolf encounters in the north coast city. “We’ve had five calls for wolf activity in Prince Rupert in the last few days,” said conservation officer Ryan Gordon. “That is quite high.” “(The wolves) could have pups right now so they could […]

Pack of 12 wolves spotted at Vee Lake near Yellowknife

“The pack will send in the female just to befriend the dog,” he says. “Then she’ll slowly make her way back to the pack and then when they get back to the pack, the dog is history. They’ll eat the dog.” Source: Pack of 12 wolves spotted at Vee Lake near Yellowknife

Wolves filling up on cattle in southwestern Alberta

The study tracked wolf predation patterns in southwestern Alberta — from the Pincher Creek area north of Waterton Lakes National Park to the edge of Kananaskis Country — where ranches and the territory of the carnivores overlap. “When we began our project, ranchers said they believed they were losing some stock to wolves, but through […]

Echinococcosis: An Economic Evaluation of a Veterinary Public Health Intervention in Rural Canada

Abstract Echinococcosis is a rare but endemic condition in people in Canada, caused by a zoonotic cestode for which the source of human infection is ingestion of parasite eggs shed by canids. The objectives of this study were to identify risk factors associated with infection and to measure the cost-utility of introducing an echinococcosis prevention […]

Letter From a Canadian Rancher

*Editor’s Note* – This letter was presented to Wolf Education International by Dr. Valerius Geist for consideration to be included in the website for educational purpose. We are not sure of the date this letter was written but it is obvious that it recounts events that occurred with people living in Canada and living among […]

Wolves’ Tactic to Lure Domestic Dogs Into Ambush Attack

An article found at CBC News in Canada, relates the story of a third domestic dog being attacked and killed by wolves: “This past weekend, wolves attacked and killed a Yukon family’s dog in the Judas Creek subdivision at Marsh Lake. It is the third reported incident of a wolf attacking a dog in the […]

A Case History of Wolf-Human Encounters In Alaska and Canada

by Mark E. McNay Executive Summary Currently there are an estimated 59,000 – 70,000 wolves (Canis lupus) in Alaska and Canada. Past reviews of wolf-human interactions concluded that wild, healthy wolves in North American present little threat to human safety. However, since 1970 some cases have appeared in the published literature documenting wolf aggression toward […]