Some wolves may have become ‘habituated’ to eating cattle

Northeast Oregon cattle ranchers have called for two entire packs to be killed, saying the state’s “incremental” approach won’t deter voracious wolves.<<<Read More>>>

Wolf attacks give cows ‘PTSD-like’ symptoms, study finds

“Cows whose herd comes under attack by wolves remember the experience and show symptoms similar to post-traumatic stress disorder, Oregon researchers say. That’s according to a study from Oregon State University and publicized Thursday. Reinaldo Cooke, an associate professor and animal scientist based in Burns, conducted the research, which appeared in the Journal of Animal Science […]

Saving wolves by teaching fear: Parks Canada’s Bill Hunt explains shooting of wolf

Aggressive wolves are increasingly becoming a problem in parks across Canada, and Bill Hunt, a resource conservation manager for Banff National Park, argues this is largely due to visitors leaving food behind and failing to respect boundaries. Source: Saving wolves by teaching fear: Parks Canada’s Bill Hunt explains shooting of wolf – Home | The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti […]

Uneasy Neighbors – Wolves and People

As many as a million wolves once ranged over almost all of North America north of Mexico City. By 1930, they were essentially gone from the Lower 48 due to trapping, poisoning and bounty hunting. With human help, the wolf population in the US has rebounded to at least 5,500 wolves in the lower 48; […]

Managing Wolves Is Managing People

In late March of 2016, news media in the US and UK ran a story about a pack of nine wolves killing 19 elk, mostly calves, in a herd near Bondurant, Wyoming, that were yarded in an area where they’re fed during the winter to help prevent starvation.. Wolves are predators. Elk are a […]

Wolf Hunting Techniques/Depredation

Wolves chasing prey over cliffs .. 2 recent massacres in France bring this hunting technique to mind .. .. wild ungulates driven by wolves or cattle and sheep harassed until they break their electric fences and flee; pursued towards a cliff. * 70 cows chased by wolves .. 18 jump off a cliff * […]