Raising Livestock in Areas With Wolves Won’t Be Easy

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November 9, 2017 – By Noelle Cremers – Almost exactly six years ago, California had its first wolf visitor come into the state from Northeastern Oregon. Since OR-7 first entered California, the state Department of Fish and Wildlife has identified two separate packs in Northern California—and each pack has either been suspected or confirmed of killing livestock.

The state’s first established wolf pack, the Shasta Pack, probably killed a calf on a ranch in Siskiyou County in 2015. The Shasta Pack’s whereabouts is currently unknown, although offspring of that pack have been seen in other parts of California and Nevada.

In 2016, a male and female wolf pair was identified in Lassen County; that pair had pups earlier this year, at which point the pack was named the Lassen Pack. Last month, DFW confirmed that the Lassen Pack had killed a heifer grazing on private land in Lassen County. This was the first time since OR-7 entered California that DFW confirmed the death of livestock by wolves.

Although DFW had issued a news release confirming presence of the Lassen Pack and featuring photos of the pups, the department declined to issue a release about its determination that the pack had killed the heifer. That seemed newsworthy to Farm Bureau, so we cooperated with the California Cattlemen’s Association to issue a joint news release announcing the confirmed wolf kill.<<<Read More>>>