Protestors Demand End to Gov. Martinez’s Blockade on Wolf Releases

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Wolf Education International position of the perpetuation of wolf hybrids:
It is the position of the majority members of Wolf Education International that the breeding, perpetuation and protection of hybrid, and/or canine mixtures, in the wild and under the claim of sustaining a wolf species or subspecies, is wrong scientifically as well as poses a direct threat to public safety, health, and private property. WEI supports sustaining real wolves in wild places, where they are acceptable to those communities asked to live with them not in settled landscapes where conflicts with the full range of human presence, human activities, and the costs of managing wolves and their impacts are not acceptable and sensibly judged to be prohibitive. 
“SANTA FE — More than 250 people gathered at the state capitol Wednesday to protest roadblocks Gov. Susana Martinez has erected to saving endangered Mexican gray wolves from extinction. The boisterous crowd called on the governor to allow wolf releases from captivity into the wild to address the lack of unrelated mates.

Under Martinez, the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish sued the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in May and obtained an injunction barring the federal agency from releasing wolves into the wild in the state. The federal government and conservation organizations have appealed that injunction, but while the appeal is being decided the Mexican wolf’s genetic plight is worsening.”<<<Read More>>>