Phony pro wolf ranchers = Fake Science and News

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Wolf Education International (WEI) statement about the controversies of the existence of wolves:

Wolves are the fulcrum of endless political and cultural disputes that are especially present in 21st century globalization, pitting large groups against each other. Wolf advocates accuse wolf protesters of wanting to kill every wolf. Conversely, wolf protesters accuse wolf advocates of working to force wolves into every landscape and leaving people helpless to defend themselves and their property.

Speaking about wolves (introduction, protection, impacts, legalities and simple complaints of those rural people randomly chosen by bureaucrats and subjected to coexistence with wolves, etc.) of necessity and in order to honestly describe and discuss the entire spectrum of the matter, demands that the political implications, history, and solutions be addressed. It is in recognition of this absolute that we offer the extremes of the issue from the following article’s assertions to the simple plaints of ranch families/farmers losing dogs, calves and sheep to wolves.

Wolf Education International’s approach is similar to a balanced accounting of the raging politicians and protesters. Though the future seems to portend an endless battleground, while the call for bipartisanship and “coming together” fill the air; resolutions seem as likely as the abortion debates, wherein there is no workable compromise – either you kill a human person or you merely remove tissue. The federally-mandated resolve (as opposed to locally-acceptable) for wolves is every bit as divisive as the issues of our day.

It is with this in mind that we present the political, emotional, and value-laden aspects of wolf management both in the United States and throughout the world. We recognize the inflamed attitudes of some, as others proclaim their “education,” but hopefully sped along the way to a peaceful resolution of a serious matter laden with hidden agendas, specious claims and government questions of the highest order.

How wolf advocates often spin the effective use of non-lethal wolf deterrents.

Here is a linked article boasting of how non-lethal deterrents are so effective. This is in Sun Valley, Idaho.

This Sun Valley, Idaho Wood River wolf project consists of a wolf advocate who moved in, bought a ranch and some sheep and works with Defenders Of Wildlife (DOW) to show how minimal wolf impacts are on their livestock due to non-lethal deterrents and management.

John Peavey, also a long-term Sun Valley sheep rancher, went along with this project for some time defending wolves and claiming how well the project was working. Then one night, wolves killed 31 of his sheep infuriating him, forcing DOW to remove  him from the project because his dead sheep were skewing their pro wolf data!

In 2015, at and Idaho fish and Game commission public testimony  meeting, Suzanne Stone from DOW stood up and bore witness how wonderful their Wood River project was working.

Mr. Peavey also attended this same meeting and came clean how phony this pro wolf agenda-driven project is. In his testimony in the below recording,  you can hear Suzanne Stone yell out in defiance of what Mr. Peavey is stating!

The culmination of those efforts, which also involved the dedicated work of nonprofit Defenders of Wildlife, local volunteers, Lava Lake employees and Rick Williamson of the USDA Wildlife Services, became the Wood River Wolf Project. John Faulkner of Faulkner Land and Livestock in Gooding and John Peavey and Diane Joseph Peavey’s Flat Top Sheep Ranch out of Carey were also critical to the program’s success.

It turned out just fine. We were really pleased.”
John Peavey

The Wood River Valley is one of the few places in Idaho where wolves are actively embraced. The Phantom Pack several years ago turned thousands of observers into wolf lovers.


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