Oregon Biologists Begin Wolf Count

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ENTERPRISE — As the end of the year approaches, wildlife biologists are gathering data on Oregon’s wolf population even as increased numbers complicate long-term management of the animals.

In Flora, Shamrock Pack sightings have become a regular occurrence. Mike Hansen, assistant wildlife biologist at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Enterprise office, said this week he investigated a report of wolves in and around a ranch house in northern Wallowa County.

Hansen said confirmed wolf tracks were seen coming through a horse pasture, within 50 feet of the house and within a foot of a chain-link dog kennel.

“The homeowner said this was not the first time,” Hansen said. “They had seen wolves in their yard on at least three occasions.”

Last week, a homeowner reacting to her dog barking inside the house saw wolves approximately 40 feet from the front door.<<<Read More>>>