Man and Wolf: 2000 Years of Wolf History – The Wolves are in Paris

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“At the end of the Hundred Years’ War, with killings between the Armagnacs and the Burgundians, wolves came into Paris. In July 1421, they were so “starving” that they discovered an easy source of food: the bodies of recently buried people in villages and fields (see document 1). At night, scavenging wolves came into the “good towns”, and on several occasions, into the capital. In the summer of 1423, several wolves were captured within Paris, but the situation was at its worst from 1436 to 1440. In the Paris region, there were 60 to 80 victims, and in Valois, wolves came out of the forests to roam the countryside for months on end. In the summer of 1438, wolves came into Paris for a second time, strangling and eating several people. In his Chronique de Charles VII, Jehan Chartier emphasises that at the time, there “were so many wolves in the areas around Paris that it was astonishing, some of them ate people.” In December 1438, they came back down the Seine, snatching dogs and devouring a child not far from les Halles central market. In autumn 1439, they were in Paris for a fourth time, taking 14 victims in late September, and Parisians saw no relief until the killing of a “terrible and horrible wolf” called “Courtaut” (stump-tail, because it has lost its tail) in November. However, the next month, there was a fifth spate of attacks, possibly by rabid wolves.”<<<Read More>>>