Livestock Guarding Dogs: from the Transhumance to Pre-Zygotic Selection

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From January 2001 to October 2002 wolves were reported to have attacked livestock in 149 households on an area of 69.9 km2, killing 62 sheep, 7 cattle, 1 kid, 2 foals and 186 dogs (157 adult LGDs, 2 pups and 27 small dogs (herding dogs). Dogs were killed in 137 households, other livestock in 24. The amount of attacks per household ranged between 1 (74%) to 2 (17%), exceptionally up to ten. Only four attacks (2%) were unsuccessful in with the animals were neither injured nor killed. The amount of animals attacked per household ranged between 1 to 14 animals. In most of them one animal was attacked (65%) and in only 5% between 5 and 14 animals.<<<Read More>>>
*Staff Note* – This information is relative to a recent posting about specialized attacks by wolves on guard dogs. Please follow this link.