Letter From a Canadian Rancher

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*Editor’s Note* – This letter was presented to Wolf Education International by Dr. Valerius Geist for consideration to be included in the website for educational purpose. We are not sure of the date this letter was written but it is obvious that it recounts events that occurred with people living in Canada and living among wolves.

We apologize for the formatting of the letter in single space and no paragraphs or separations to make for easier reading but it should not deter you from reading it for educational content. Thank you.

Dear Mr. Purdy:

I wish to comment on the problem of the wolf. I see and hear so many false statements. I have read Farley Mowat’s book ‘Never Cry Wolf’. I read it as comic fiction, never for a moment believing anyone would take it as truth. If there is any truth in his book he is not describing our northern wolf! Perhaps Barren’s ground wolves are different. I doubt it. There is great admiration for tame wolves. What is so wonderful about them? Many animals are tamed. Why shouldn’t they be friendly, they know no other life. Raised from puppies and perhaps second generation tame wolves. As for them being loving and devoted in their own family lives, I expect this is normal and is so for many animals. It also has nothing what so ever to do with the final issue. The mother moose, caribou, deer, elk, sheep and goat etc. is loving to her young too in her way. We lived in the Peace River district north and west of Fort St. John for a number of years and had plenty of opportunity to see the dear wolf at work. I can tell you now that there is no more horrible, brutal killer than the wolf! It literally eats its prey on their feet. Mowat says they kill quickly and cleanly. He is not [underlined] describing the wolf of northern B.C. They kill from behind, tearing out pieces of flank or crippling the hind legs. Then slowly hacking away at the animal until mercifully it dies.<<<Read the Rest>>>