Let rich tourists hunt wolves by helicopter to solve Siberia’s wolf epidemic

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Wealthy Russian and foreign tourists should be offered helicopter hunting trips to shoot wolves in Yakutia, where they are causing a growing threat to livestock.

The region’s 12,000 wolves are costing $2.5 million a year in damage to reindeer and horse herds. Wolves killed more than 9,000 reindeer and 500-plus horses, it is reported.┬áMeasures taken by the authorities to cull the rapidly rising wolf population are seen as ineffective.

Now local deputy Viktor Fedorov has suggested the region – also known as Sakha Republic – offering elite hunting opportunities to tourists as a means of rapidly reducing numbers without putting a strain on the budget. The cost would be $10,000 for each wolf, plus $5,100 for helicopter transport, accommodation and food.

‘In this way we could reduce the number of wolves and earn money for it,’ he said. ‘At the same time we could monitor the deer herds from above.'<<<Read More>>>