Large fenced reserves could reintroduce wolves in Scottish Highlands

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Comment made by one WEI contributor: “So, it’s not a question of ecology nor a question rewilding but simply a ‘new reality show for urban people’ and they will get it flavored with all wolves can give. We know what, but do they?”

According to Professor David Macdonald, Director of WildCRU at Oxford University and co-author of the study, argued that while the use of fences in rewilding is still under debate, the new study demonstrates the potential they could play by simulating their implementation.

He said: “Scotland can lead Europe in thinking about how conservation, large fenced reserves and tourism can reframe rural economies. The role of fencing in the conservation of big predators is globally a hot topic. So far our results are just simulations made from the safety of a desk, but they offer a highly original way of thinking about restoring nature and natural processes.”<<<Read More>>>