Lapland reindeer go high-tech with tracking sensors to protect them from wolves

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*Note From Staff* – The following is a comment made by a member of Wolf Education International who lives in Finland.

“The main issue is about how to find reindeer killed by predators. Today some 5000 are found but the annual loss is more than 30,000 reindeer. The reindeer herders get compensation only for found animals having been killed by predators so their annual loss may be more than 40,000,000 euros while they get 6,000,000 euros in compensation for their losses.

“One wonders wouldn’t it be better to allow the reindeer herders to kill the predators instead?”

“Thousands of reindeer die every year in Finland’s most northern region, with most succumbing to attacks by wolves and other predators, or straying into traffic on remote roads.

But now the nation’s reindeer herders are turning to tech in a bid to reduce those numbers and better protect the country’s reindeer population…”<<<Read More>>>