How Wolves Behave

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Wolf Behavior Toward Humans

1. Seven Stages of a Wolf Prior to an Attack on a Human – by Dr. Valerius Geist

2. When Do Wolves Become Dangerous to Humans? – Dr. Valerius Geist – Published September 2007 to be presented to judge and jury in Kenton Carnegie trial to determine cause of death.

3. A Case History of Wolf-Human Encounters In Alaska and Canada – By Mark E. McNay

4. Wolf Hunting Techniques/Depredation – Compiled by WEI Staff

5. 500 Sheep Driven Off Cliff in France by Wolves

6. Large Carnivores and Human Conflict – by Dr. Valerius Geist

7. Numerous Accounts of Surplus Kills by Wolves – Compiled by WEI Staff

8. Prof. Geist: Der Ursprung vom Mythos über den harmlosen Wolf – By Dr. Valerius Geist

9. Tod durch Wölfe und irreführendes Engagement. Die Kenton Carnegie Tragödie – By Dr. Valerius Geist

10. Wann werden Wölfe gefährlich für die Menschen? – By Dr. Valerius Geist