Have Doubts That Wolves Are Ravaging Idaho? Come See For Yourselves.

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Reporters from McClatchy News Service in Sacramento, California, sure got duped in writing an Aug. 20 story about wolves in Idaho that showered the Statesman’s readers with misinformation.

One of the biggest misrepresentations in the article was that USDA APHIS Wildlife Services killed 691,895 animals from 2015-2017. What the article neglected to say is that 97 percent of those “animals” were starlings.

The story began with factual information about wolves killing three mother cows and a calf at the Davis Ranch in Cascade in a single week. At that time, USDA APHIS Wildlife Services had confirmed 88 instances of wolves killing cattle, sheep and guard dogs so far this year. Just a week later, Wildlife Services reported 107 confirmed wolf kills out of a total of 145 investigations so far this year.<<<Read More>>>