EarthJustice Claims: War on Wolves Act Threatens More Than Wolves

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Wolf Education International (WEI) statement about information and the context of this article:

Wolves (like gun control; federal jurisdiction expansion into Constitutional State authorities; property rights; federal preferences based on conceptually repugnant criteria such as government designations of certain racial features or sexual manifestation; etc.) are the fulcrum of endless political and cultural disputes that are especially present in 21st century America, pitting large groups against each other. Gun control advocates accuse 2nd Amendment protectors of wanting to give everyone every weapon to surely create chaos and carnage. Conversely, 2nd Amendment protectors accuse gun control advocates of working to ban all guns and leave Americans helpless in the face of criminals, rogue governments, wild animals and terrorists, as well as unsuited to protect the Nation, either as armed civilians or as skilled soldiers, sailors and Marines.

Speaking about wolves (introduction, protection,impacts,legalities and simple complaints of those rural Americans randomly chosen by bureaucrats and subjected to coexistence with wolves, etc.) of necessity and in order to honestly describe and discuss the entire spectrum of the matter, demands that the political implications, history, and solutions be addressed. It is in recognition of this absolute that we offer the extremes of the issue from the EarthJustice assertions to the simple plaints of ranch families losing dogs and calves to wolves while their children wait for school buses in cages.

Wolf Education International’s approach is similar to a balanced accounting of the raging Democrat politicians and protesters, plus wobbling Republican politicians and protesters conducting their assaults and guerrilla oppositions to the Trump Administration and its policies. Though the future seems to portend an endless battleground, while the call for bipartisanship and “coming together” fill the air; resolutions seem as likely as the abortion debates, wherein there is no workable compromise – either you kill a human person or you merely remove tissue. The federally-mandated resolve (as opposed to locally-acceptable) for wolves is every bit as divisive as the aforementioned issues of our day.

It is with this in mind that we present the political, emotional, and value-laden aspects of wolf management both in the United States and throughout the world. We recognize the inflamed attitudes of some, as others proclaim their “education,” but hopefully sped along the way to a peaceful resolution of a serious matter laden with hidden agendas, specious claims and government questions of the highest order.

“Just over a month into its new session, the 115th Congress has already taken a sledgehammer to environmental safeguards that protect people, wildlife and wild lands from pollution and other harms. Besides moving to roll back protections for clean air and pristine mountain streams, as well as attacking government agencies’ ability to do their jobs and enforce the law, Congress is resurfacing its old grudge against gray wolves, while also clandestinely erecting a barrier to Americans’ ability to take their government to court.”<<<Read More>>>