Pack of 12 wolves spotted at Vee Lake near Yellowknife

“The pack will send in the female just to befriend the dog,” he says. “Then she’ll slowly make her way back to the pack and then when they get back to the pack, the dog is history. They’ll eat the dog.” Source: Pack of 12 wolves spotted at Vee Lake near Yellowknife

Wolves, people, and brown bears influence the expansion of the recolonizing wolf population in Scandinavia

*Staff Note* – This information should come as no surprise. Many experts of Wolf Education International have, for several years, been saying that forcing wolves to expand into human-settled environments is bad for people and animals. Abstract Interspecific competition can influence the distribution and abundance of species and the structure of ecological communities and entire ecosystems. […]

Wolves filling up on cattle in southwestern Alberta

The study tracked wolf predation patterns in southwestern Alberta — from the Pincher Creek area north of Waterton Lakes National Park to the edge of Kananaskis Country — where ranches and the territory of the carnivores overlap. “When we began our project, ranchers said they believed they were losing some stock to wolves, but through […]

Effects of Wolves and Other Predators on Farms in Wisconsin: Beyond Verified Losses

With the recolonization of gray wolves (Canis lupus) across the Western Great Lake States (Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin) there has been a concomitant increase in livestock depredations caused by wolves (Mech 1998, Ruid et al. 2005, Treves et al. 2002, USDA 2006, Wydeven et al. 2006). Wolf populations in Wisconsin have grown from 25 in […]

Arctic Wolves Walk Right Up to Workers and “Sniff” Them

The following comment was made by Dr. Valerius Geist who has studied and documented wolf behavior. He has published his findings here. This is an excellent video of wolves EXPLORING (ALTERNATIVE PREY)! This is exactly what wolves of the first misbehaving pack we experienced here on Vancouver island were doing! This is what wolves on […]

Map: Wolf Distribution in Finland, Sweden and Norway

The map comes from a report, “Predatory Behavior of Wolves in Scandinavia.”

Azzannato da un lupo mentre fa rifornimento, marsicano assalito e ferito nella notte

English title: Bitten by a wolf while refueling, Marsicano attacked and wounded in the night “San Benedetto. E’ stato assalito da un lupo mentre faceva rifornimento al distributore. Poi è riuscito ad allontanarsi e a mettersi in salvo nella sua auto. E’ l’incredibile disavventura capitata a P.B., 36 anni, residente a San Benedetto dei Marsi, […]

Rabies Feared in North as Three Bitten by Wolf on Israel National Trail

The Ministry of Health as issued an alert today that three persons have been bitten by a wolf at the northern end of the Israel National Trail near Tel Dan in the Upper Galilee. The wolf was shot, and its remains have been sent in to be tested. Ministry spokespeople said, “At this stage, all […]

Wann werden Wölfe gefährlich für die Menschen?

Engl. Original: Endgültiger Entwurf v. 29.9.2007 Wann werden Wölfe gefährlich für die Menschen? Valerius Geist, Professor Emeritus für Umweltwissenschaften, Universität von Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Zusammenfassung Die politisch korrekte Ansicht über Wölfe, die z.Zt. vehement und dogmatisch verteidigt wird, ist, dass Wölfe harmlos sind und keine Gefahr für Menschen darstellen. Diese Ansicht entstand aus der […]

Wolves Attack Chinese Villagers, Six People Left Disfigured

*Warning* – The linked-to article provided here by the WEI staff contains graphic photos, the results of wolves attacking humans in a Chinese village, that may not be suitable for all readers. Please consider the ramifications. “Horrific wolf attack in Chinese village leaves six people disfigured and one missing an ear after pack of five […]