140 Years Ago Wolves Still Ate People in Estonia

On a cold day, a tipsy drum player happened to come home in the dark in Tartu County. While on the road, he was attacked by a pack of wolves. Only some rags and bare bones were left of the poor man. The wolves’ hunger had been such that even the skin of the drum […]

Wolves in New Jersey…Or At Least the DNA

*Staff Note* – The link below is to an article published in the New Jersey Herald by historic writer, Jennie Sweetman. Following the link are comments made by James Beers, contributing writer to Wolf Education International. “As for Space, when he hears the coyotes in his zoo howl and he hears the coyotes in the […]

Letter From a Canadian Rancher

*Editor’s Note* – This letter was presented to Wolf Education International by Dr. Valerius Geist for consideration to be included in the website for educational purpose. We are not sure of the date this letter was written but it is obvious that it recounts events that occurred with people living in Canada and living among […]

Letter: Will N. Graves to USFWS Wolf-Carried Diseases – October 3, 1993

1. Diseases, Worms, and Parasites. I was surprised that the DEIS (Draft Environmental Impact Statement) did not make a detailed study on the impact issue of diseases, worms, and parasites (page 9). I believe an EIS is not complete without a detailed study covering the diseases, worms and parasites that wolves would carry, harbor, and […]

Man and Wolf: 2000 Years of Wolf History – The Wolves are in Paris

“At the end of the Hundred Years’ War, with killings between the Armagnacs and the Burgundians, wolves came into Paris. In July 1421, they were so “starving” that they discovered an easy source of food: the bodies of recently buried people in villages and fields (see document 1). At night, scavenging wolves came into the […]

1906: Wolves Killing Off Deer in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan

*Editor’s Note* – Below is a teaser with a link to the original archive of the New York Times, where the article is copy-written and protected. It was published on May 26, 1907 as a special to the New York Times. – History of Wolves Wolves Killing Off Deer Threaten to Exterminate Them in Michigan […]

In 1885, Two Sawyers, While Being Attacked by Wolves in Wisconsin, Killed 27

From the archives of the Library of Congress: The St. Johns herald. (St. Johns, Apache County, Arizona Territory [Ariz.]) 1885-1903, March 26, 1885, Image 1 Image provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ Link: A Wolf Story Two Sawyers from Farmington, Minn., and a Teamster from Little Rock, Ark., while taking […]

Historic Accounts About Wolves

1. The effects of thousands of impoverished trappers and wolf bounties in northern Alberta early in the 20the century on predators, and its relation to the myth of the harmless wolf – By Dr. Valerius Geist. 2. In 1885, Two Sawyers, While Being Attacked by Wolves in Wisconsin, Killed 27 – By WEI Staff 3. […]