Howling mad: Wolf damage claims remain unpaid for some livestock…

The quiet foreshadowed a gruesome discovery. Part of his flock was dead, eviscerated by local gray wolves. Bellefy gathered the survivors in a another pen, but a second attack later that night left even more sheep dead. In all, six sheep survived the attack with 27 pregnant ewes, two rams and a few lambs being […]

Five treated for wolf bites in northern Israel

Authorities searching for canine that attacked hikers, including 9-year-old, in Golan Heights in three separate incidents. Five people were lightly wounded on Saturday when a wolf suspected of carrying rabies attacked three groups of hikers in separate incidents in northern Israel. This marks the third reported incident of a wolf attack in Israel in the […]

Pensioner Eaten by Wolf Just 50 Metres From Her Home

A pensioner eaten by a WOLF was just 50 metres from her home when she was savaged by the beast. The half-eaten remains of Lima Ankudinova, 77, were discovered in a pool of blood by horrified neighbours. The elderly woman was making her way home through thick snow when she was attacked by the animal, […]

Jäger entkommt Wolfsattacke

Kreis Lüneburg: Jäger entkommt Wolfsangriff nur knapp durch Warnschuss. Es ist die erste aktenkundige Wolfsattacke in Deutschland seit den 1970er Jahren. Die ganze Geschichte, sowie die merkwürdige Reaktion der Behörden lesen Sie exklusiv im neuen JÄGER. English translation by Google: *Update* – April 13, 2015 7:45 am. A response from Dr. Valerius Geist about the […]

Azzannato da un lupo mentre fa rifornimento, marsicano assalito e ferito nella notte

English title: Bitten by a wolf while refueling, Marsicano attacked and wounded in the night “San Benedetto. E’ stato assalito da un lupo mentre faceva rifornimento al distributore. Poi è riuscito ad allontanarsi e a mettersi in salvo nella sua auto. E’ l’incredibile disavventura capitata a P.B., 36 anni, residente a San Benedetto dei Marsi, […]

Branco di lupi accerchia un uomo e poi divora i suoi cani/ Wolf Pack Kills Dogs

“Il 60enne è riuscito a trovare scampo all’interno di una struttura, ma non ha potuto far nulla per salvare i suoi segugi” Google Translation: Wolf pack surrounds a man and then devours his dogs The 60 year old was able to find refuge within a structure, but could not do anything to save his hounds.

Rabies Feared in North as Three Bitten by Wolf on Israel National Trail

The Ministry of Health as issued an alert today that three persons have been bitten by a wolf at the northern end of the Israel National Trail near Tel Dan in the Upper Galilee. The wolf was shot, and its remains have been sent in to be tested. Ministry spokespeople said, “At this stage, all […]

Wolves Attack Chinese Villagers, Six People Left Disfigured

*Warning* – The linked-to article provided here by the WEI staff contains graphic photos, the results of wolves attacking humans in a Chinese village, that may not be suitable for all readers. Please consider the ramifications. “Horrific wolf attack in Chinese village leaves six people disfigured and one missing an ear after pack of five […]

Tod durch Wölfe und irreführendes Engagement. Die Kenton Carnegie Tragödie

V. Geist Dieser Artikel wurde veröffentlicht in redigierter Form ohne den Hinweisteil, aber mit zwei Randbemerkungen, wovon eine unter dieser Datei beigefügt ist, veröffentlicht als Geist, V. 2008. Death by Wolves and the power of Myths: the Kenton Carnegie Tragedy. Fair Chase Vol. 23, No. 4 pp. 29-33. Winter issue. Diese elektronische Version ist zu […]

Prof. Geist: Der Ursprung vom Mythos über den harmlosen Wolf

Original-Artikel unter: November 29, 2010 by Dr. Ed · Leave a Comment by Valerius Geist, PhD Prof. Geist: Der Ursprung vom Mythos über den harmlosen Wolf Die Ausführungen von tausenden verarmten Trappern und Wolffangprämien in Nord-Alberta im frühen 20. Jahrhundert auf die Raubtiere und ihre Beziehungen vom Mythos über den harmlosen Wolf Liebe Kollegen, […]