ANALYSIS/COMMENTARY: Cost of wolves calculable

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Below is a “snap shot”, simplistic view of the economic impact of wolves on rural communities based upon a six year, ongoing study conducted by Dr. Doug Johnson, OSU, Dr. Larry Larson, OSU, and John Williams, OSU – Beef Extension specialist – Wallowa County. Specific details are available through these individuals.

Economic Impact on a 100 cow/calf pair operation in forested grazing areas:

1. 8-12 fewer calves come off of grazing due to wolf predation… $13,000

2. Calves average 30-50 lbs. less at weaning due to harassment by wolves… $7,000

3. All cows come off of the range thinner… $5,000

Source: ANALYSIS/COMMENTARY: Cost of wolves calculable – Editorials – Wallowa County Chieftain