1906: Wolves Killing Off Deer in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan

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*Editor’s Note* – Below is a teaser with a link to the original archive of the New York Times, where the article is copy-written and protected. It was published on May 26, 1907 as a special to the New York Times. – History of Wolves

Wolves Killing Off Deer

Threaten to Exterminate Them in Michigan and Wisconsin

Special to the New York Times

Washington,. May 24 — “Timber wolves have become so numerous and destructive to game in the upper peninsula of Michigan and in extreme Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota as to threaten to exterminate the deer,” says Vernon Bailey of the Department of Agriculture. “By the request of the sportsmen and some of the leading clubs of that region for assistance from the Biological Survey, I have lately visited several localities from which the complaints came to study actual conditions with a view of the discovery of means of protecting deer from the attacks of wolves.”<<<Continue Reading>>>