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Introducing Wolf Education International

Founding members of Wolf Education International (WEI) are preparing for the global introduction of their organization. Co-founder, Will N. Graves, author and researcher of wolves and wolf-related diseases, summed up the purpose of what he envisioned for WEI when he said, "To get the truth out about wolves." As the development continues and grows, check in with us to see what's new. Please feel free to sign up for daily email notifications so you are never left out of the truth about wolves. … Discover More

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Wolf News From Around the World

Wolf attacks on cattle and hunting dogs rise

*Editor's Note* - Before, during and after reading this news article, the WEI staff highly recommends that readers first look at and refer to a study about the DNA make-up of so-called gray wolves in the United States. Please follow this link and then click on the link to "Science Advances." The … [Read More...]

Washington State will Kill Rest of Profanity Wolf Pack

*Editor's Note* - The linked-to article begins with the selection of words and terms that places the media company at fault for biased reporting. We recommend disregarding words such as, "exterminate" and all other descriptions used to influence opinion. Please focus on any facts about the wolves … [Read More...]

Wisconsin’s wolf population highest ever, with nearly 900

MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin's wolf population has reached a record high of nearly 900 animals, state wildlife officials announced Thursday. Figures from the Department of Natural Resources' over-winter monitoring show between 866 and 897 wolves are roaming the state, up 16 percent from last year's … [Read More...]

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Rebuttals to Media’s Misleading Information

Wolf “Sensitivity” on the Great Plains

By James Beers The above [please follow this link] was sent to me by a friend in Florida.  While he is embroiled in “dealing” with the USFWS and the State of Florida regarding Florida “Panthers”: he recognized immediately 1.what is going on in Iowa; 2. its similarities to how Florida “Panthers” … [Read More...]

Addressing Complex Issues and Correcting Errors

3 Geist, V. April 12th 2015 re: Die Zeit, No 14, 1 April 2015 Dossier pp. 11-13 Dear Dr. Willeke, April 12th 2015 Regards: Die Zeit, No 14 1 April 2015 Dossier, Stefan Willeke, Die Wölfe kommen. pp. 11-13. Please extend my thank you to Sigrid Weise for sending me the layout - pdf of … [Read More...]

Rebuttal: Wolf Seen Chasing Snowmobilers in Minnesota Park

By James Beers *Staff Note - In order to understand Jim Beers' following article and rebuttal, readers must first read the article in the Pioneer Press that Beers refers to. Below is a short teaser and a link to the article, followed by Jim Beers' response. After Beers' rebuttal, you will also … [Read More...]

Misrepresentation of Facts for Political Gain

In a recent opinion piece discovered in an American newspaper, the writer stated: "...nearly 98 percent of all livestock losses are from birth defects, illness, injuries, and natural disasters..." If true, then 2% of all livestock losses are from other causes. What other causes? This statement is … [Read More...]

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Wolf Diseases

Echinococcus Granulosus

Wolves in Colville Valley worry state wildlife managers

Coping with wolves in Wisconsin: Part 1

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Echinococcus multilocularis

Echinococcus multilocularis in North America: the great unknown

A Newly Discovered Epidemic Area of Echinococcus multilocularis in West Gansu Province in China

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Neospora Caninum

Wolves in Colville Valley worry state wildlife managers

Coping with wolves in Wisconsin: Part 1

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Letter: Will N. Graves to USFWS Wolf-Carried Diseases – October 3, 1993


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General Articles

The Wolf at the Door

It is not often that you see wildness erupting into a man’s life, but it happened in front of me. Sotiris Stamoulis, a shepherd who keeps his 300 breeding goats in the beautiful blond wood pasture of Mount Gerania outside Corinth in central Greece, was only 18 inches away from my face but shouting … [Read More...]

Uneasy Neighbors – Wolves and People

As many as a million wolves once ranged over almost all of North America north of Mexico City. By 1930, they were essentially gone from the Lower 48 due to trapping, poisoning and bounty hunting. With human help, the wolf population in the US has rebounded to at least 5,500 wolves in the lower 48; … [Read More...]

Wolves in New Jersey…Or At Least the DNA

*Staff Note* - The link below is to an article published in the New Jersey Herald by historic writer, Jennie Sweetman. Following the link are comments made by James Beers, contributing writer to Wolf Education International. "As for Space, when he hears the coyotes in his zoo howl and he hears … [Read More...]

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Impact by Wolves on Humans in Settled Landscapes

The Wolf at the Door

Local villagers’ perceptions of wolves in Jiuzhaigou County, western China

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Wolf Attacks on Humans

Wolves Slaughter 18 Elk in One Night on Wyoming Feed Grounds – None Eaten

Jogger in Gartow: Zweifel an Wolfsbegegnung

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Wolf Behavior in General

Wolves Kill for the Pure Pleasure of Killing…

Wolves Slaughter 18 Elk in One Night on Wyoming Feed Grounds – None Eaten

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